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The bicycle

The Via Silente is 70 percent asphalt, although it goes through areas with low and very low traffic; the dirt sections, especially if uphill, present little difficulty. Therefore, the optimal bicycle for riding this Route is the all-terrain or hybrid, which is reliable, sturdy, and has the components of a mountain bike. Crucially, the bicycle must be equipped with a set of gears with at least 24 gears (triple front chainring and the rear package of at least eight). The Silent Way will be remembered not only for the beautiful landscapes it traverses, but also for its altitude differences. It will be good to attach a pair of horns to the handlebars as appendages to aid pedaling thrust on climbs but also change position on flat sections. Of critical importance is a sturdy rack to hold the rear bags and a handlebar bag large enough to hold camera, sunglasses, cell phone, tissues, etc.
Two water bottles attached to the frame are essential; in the pass sections of the Alburni Mountains, along the Sella del Corticato, it will be almost impossible to find water. The same situation will arise for those who should decide to venture to the 1898m of Mt. Cervati. For the rest, it will be possible to refuel with water at the fountains in the many villages passed through.
One aspect that should not be underestimated is that of punctures. On the Silent Way, host facilities will provide the cycle traveler with a tool kit for repair, but during the crossing it will be difficult to find workshops that can repair the damage. Therefore, the use of self-repairing inner tubes or puncture-resistant tires is recommended.