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When to go

Cilento, thanks to its geographical location, enjoys a mild climate for much of the year. During the summer period, it is almost impossible for it to rain except for so-called “tropee,” typical afternoon thunderstorms that trespass from mountainous areas to the coast. Excluding the Gelbison and Cervati peaks, which are snow-capped in winter, the Silent Way can therefore be traversed at any time of year. The best time is definitely from April to June with the awakening of nature and from September to November with the forests turning orange. Instead, the traveler who should choose the months of July and August for his trip will find himself passing through a festive country, dotted with festivals and events of all kinds, from the religious-popular ones of the hinterland, to the great concert events of coastal Cilento. Among the best-known events are the festival of poor dishes in Stio, in an extraordinary setting among centuries-old chestnut trees, Mojoca, a large gathering of street performers in Moio della Civitella, and the Palio del Grano in Caselle in Pittari.