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Stage 5 : Felitto / Petina

For a few days it will be difficult to get away from the Heat and the wonderful karst structures that this river has created by encountering limestone rock. A few kilometers from the Felitto Gorge, one passes Castel San Lorenzo and then the town of Roccadaspide, dominated by the compact Filomarino Castle. Continuing on, the landscape is enclosed in the background by the Alburni Mountains, at the foot of which rises the scenic village of Castelcivita, beneath whose ridge are the famous Caves of Castelcivita, whose large halls full of extraordinary concretions are well worth a visit. The caves are located on the right bank of the river, halfway between Castelcivita and Controne. The Via Silente does not go through the village of Castelcivita, but if you have time and legs go there, it will be worth it. After visiting the caves, take the road back to Controne; here you will find the base camp of Trekking&Padles (, a company that organizes river descents along different stretches of the river: the experience will be enchanting, but it will involve a stop of at least 4 hours so you will have to choose whether to continue your leg to Petina or go rafting and leave the next morning. From Controne, a town known for its excellent beans, following the road signs to the cemetery, a secondary road climbs the flanks of the Alburni Mountains to Postiglione, which features its well-restored medieval castle. The road climbs for just over a kilometer, after which the ascent becomes gentler. To your right, the imposing presence of the Alburni Mountains will lead the way, and as you ascend, the olive trees will give way to deciduous species: this is the most obvious sign of increasing altitude. Leaving Postiglione, a side road defiles just past the cemetery and leads you after a few kilometers back to the main road. At the Scorzo crossroads continue in the direction of Sicignano degli Alburni. From here and all the way to Petina, the view is dominated on the right by the mighty and magnificent spurs of the Alburni Mountains. Passing through Sicignano, one will immediately notice its recently restored ancient castle scenically placed on a hilltop guarding the valley below. Continuing on, crossing numerous beautiful shady stretches, you will finally reach Petina, a small village nestled on a small plateau at the foot of the Alburni Mountains.