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LE VIE SILENTI MINORI : Alburni 3 days

1 STAGE: Petina – Piaggine
2 STAGE: Piaggine – Roccadaspide
3 STAGE: Roccadaspide – Petina

Petina, the starting point of the loop, can be reached by car from the north and also from the south by driving along the E45. From the Petina exit to the town is 5.5 km.
The trail starts uphill with non-negligible gradients reaching 15% in some places. It is the Alburni pass that leads up to Casone Aresta crossing one of the most beautiful beech forests in the Cilento Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park. At the Casone the forest opens into a very spacious plateau, characterized in late winter by Crocus blooms. Immediately afterwards you re-enter the Beech forest, which as you descend is replaced first by chestnut forest and then by mixed forest. Santangelo a Fasanella is the first village you encounter; it is worth stopping to visit the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, an ancient structure housed in an active cave where it is still possible to witness the formation of stalactites and stalagmites.
From Santangelo we continue to Corleto Monforte and Roscigno Vecchia, a village with only one inhabitant, Giuseppe Spagnuolo, who carries one of the most sought-after stamps of the Silent Way.
The town to reach is Piaggine, the starting point for hikers who want to reach the top of Mount Cervati, the highest peak in Campania. If you are physically fit, you can bike up to about 1,600 meters and then, leaving your bike at Rifugio Rosalia, continue on foot. In an hour’s walk you will reach the summit.
The next stop is Roccadaspide. To reach it one goes in the direction of Laurino and from there to Felitto. We are on the classic Via Silente, the one traveled every year by bicycle tourists from all over Italy.
Closing the loop from Roccadaspide we return to Petina. In contrast to the VS, near Controne, continue in the direction of Canneto and then reach the Scorzo junction and continue toward Sicignano degli Alburni and Petina
In Petina, we recommend the accommodation facility La Casa Del Prete, which is already listed in the facilities affiliated with VS and whose references can be found in the PDF downloadable from
In Piaggine, the association recommendsAgriturismo le Grazie
In Roccadaspide, cyclo-travelers recommend Casale degli Ulivi