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THE MINOR SILENT WAYS: Ancient Cilento 5 days

1 STAGE: Castelnuovo Cilento – Pollica
2 STAGE: Pollica – Vatolla
3 STAGE: Vatolla – Trentinara
4 STAGE: Trentinara – Novi Velia (Mount Gelbison).
5 STAGE: Novi Velia – Castelnuovo.

The “Ancient Cilento” Way is the one that embraces Mount Stella, following the route of the Via Silente to Stio and continuing from there in the direction of Moio della Civitella. In the first part of the route, instead of descending to the coast through the town of Pollica, he chooses to continue in the direction of Cannicchio and thus reaches, directly Acciaroli.
Often, as with the classic Via Silente, Acciaroli is chosen as a substitute stop in Pollica, and this is to take advantage of a swim in the clear waters of its sea. In the summer, the village is among the “busiest” in Cilento.
Past San Marco we leave the coast and head toward the village of Castellabate, known for the film Ben Venuti al Sud. Among the narrow alleys of the town, one goes in search of the famous inscription “Here you will not die” attributed to Joachim Murat .
After the customary photo, we set off again for Vatolla, the stage town.
The next morning, to get back on the trail, you have to retrace part of the route taken the night before. It is less than 2 km to the table directing to the Rock.
The next stop is Trentinara with its beautiful terrace square. Here by leaving your bike you can fly with Cilento in Volo. Exhilarating adrenaline experience.
From Trentinara a pleasant ride to Stio where we cut through Moio della Civitella/Pellare until we reach Novi Velia. The village is often a starting point for those who decide to tackle the climb to Mount Sacro or Mount Gelbison.
From Novi to Castelnuovo is a short step
The accommodations that will be able to accommodate the wayfarer are those already available on the PDF at and in the Silent Way Android APP.