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Stage 15 : Mount Gelbison-Castelnuovo Cilento

1 STAGE: Sanza – San Giovanni a Piro
2 STAGE: San Giovanni a Piro – Pisciotta
3 STAGE: Pisciotta – Cuccaro Vetere
4 STAGE: Cuccaro Vetere – Sanza

Sanza can be reached from both north and south by following the E45 and exiting at Sanza. From the exit there is about 1 km distance.
Sanza is generally the town where those who travel the classic Via Silente stop for two days, devoting a full day to climbing the Cervati or visiting the splendid Vallivona sinkhole.
From Sanza to San Giovanni a Piro, a stop suggested by the Via Silente association, there are about 75 kilometers during which we pass through Caselle in Pittari, the town of the Palio del Grano, Morigerati with its WWF oasis dedicated to the resurgence of the Bussento River, Casaletto Spartano with the famous Cascata dei Capelli di Venere waterfall. Continuing on, one encounters the fishing village of Scario and again San Giovanni a Piro with the Cenobio dei Monaci Basiliani.
After the San Giovanni stop, we continue along the coast from Marina di Camerota to Pisciotta; the stop is short and allows the wayfarer a chance to dive into the beautiful waters of three of Campania’s best-known marinas-Camerota, Palinuro, and Pisciotta.
From Pisciotta, a stop suggested by the association, follow the classic Via Silente, ignoring the sign indicating Rodio and continuing toward Ascea Paese. From here we head toward Terradura, Ceraso, Cuccaro Vetere.
In Cuccaro you are already on SP18, much loved by local cyclists for its smoothness and shade . Following it will lead back to Sanza, the starting point of the loop but only after passing through Montano Antilia, Laurito and Rofrano.
For facilities in the Sanza, San Giovanni a Piro and Pisciotta stops, the association recommends viewing the PDF at
Regarding Cuccaro Vetere, the association recommends : “I Puddicchi” in the historic center, the “B&B Sorelle De Luca,” on the town square, “il borghetto antico” also in the historic center