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THE MINOR SILENT WAYS: Silent Way 7 days

1 STAGE: Castelnuovo Cilento – Vatolla
2 STAGE: Vatolla – Stio
3 STA GE: Stio – Teggiano
4 STAGE: Teggiano – Sanza
5 STAGE: Sanza – Vallivona swallowhole – Sanza.
6 STAGE: Sanza – Marina di Camerota
7 STAGE: Marina di Camerota – Castelnuovo Cilento

The 7-day Silent Way essentially cuts the head off the original route, keeping out the Alburni pass and taking advantage of the cut from Roccadaspide to Roscigno via Bellosguardo.
Otherwise the route follows the track of the classic Via Silente deviating from it only in a few places. The most notable among these are the passage from Caselle in Pittari to Casaletto Spartano that is direct and does not transit Morigerati and the closing of the circle along the coast after Pisciotta. Here, in fact, one continues in the direction of Ascea without following the signal that sends toward Rodio and then toward the summit of Mount Gelbison.
As for the stages, the 7-day Silent Way begins by merging the first two of the classic, while the second day includes a stop in Stio instead of Felitto .
In the last part from Sanza we arrive directly at Marina di Camerota with a stage of about 72 km. In marina di Camerota you can indulge in the most beautiful beaches in southern Campania. These include Baia degli Infreschi, which can be reached on foot via a medium-difficulty trek or by boat from one of the local tourism cooperatives.
The accommodations are those recommended by the association on the PDF at
For the Silent Way 7 days you can pick up map and silentine at the km 0 infopoint at 96 Velina Street, Velina.