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Stage 10 : Sanza / Casaletto Spartano

This is the stop where, after so many kilometers, you will see the sea again even if you still cannot take advantage of it for a nice swim. The route is not to be underestimated because of the constant changes in gradient that will force you to exert considerable effort. Just 15 kilometers from Sanza, however, you can already stop at one of the bars in Caselle in Pittari, and if you happen to be here in July, you can attend one of the most original and characteristic events of the Cilento area: the “Palio del grano.” Eight Castellese districts, twinned with as many Cilento villages, compete in an exciting harvesting contest done manually, the old-fashioned way. And meanwhile, housewives prepare the food that will be eaten after the race, and the streets of the town are all adorned with flags, ribbons and shields in the colors of the districts. Planning your trip in conjunction with this event will guarantee you an extraordinary time-travel experience, that peasant time of work, simplicity and lots of cheerfulness. Leave Caselle in Pittari and continue south along the old SS517 (with a 1.5-km-long detour to the right that bypasses a large landslide) to the junction with SP210, which climbs up and leads to the small village of Sicilì. About a kilometer after the town, the route passes over a bridge of the Bussento River, where we recommend a short stop at the picnic area on the river banks. Here the Bussento flows wide and shallow, surrounded by a beautiful curtain of riparian vegetation. It may be worth stopping before tackling the rather long climb up to Morigerati, a beautiful town awarded the prestigious Orange Flag by the Touring Club. The path will lead you right into the small town square, and from there you can reach the church of San Demetrio, threading your way under the arch of the Baronial Castle: the churchyard is a true lookout with a remarkable panorama of the valley. Do not leave Morigerati without first visiting one of the most interesting nature sites along the entire route: the WWF Oasis of the Bussento Caves. The site, which covers about 600 hectares, has a nature trail that starting from the town center will lead you to the bottom of the Gorge carved by the Bussento. Here the habitat is truly evocative: the river, whose sources are located on the southern slope of Mount Cervati, sinks near Caselle in Pittari, to re-emerge from the bowels of the earth after a 5-km underground journey near Grotta dell’Inferno. In the Oasis, a copious spring rushes rushing under the old mill and is surely one of the most beautiful images of inland Cilento. Back in the village, before leaving again, take some more time to visit the Ethnographic Silvo-Pastoral Museum, established in 1976 at the behest of Clorinda and Modestina Florenzano. You then leave Morigerati from the north and go up the road to the junction with SP16, turning right for Casaletto Spartano. Just outside the town, on the banks of the Rio Casaletto (or Torrente Bussentino) awaits another wonder of this area so full of surprises: “the Hairs of Venus,” a unique small waterfall created by the flow of water from a spring over a thick a curtain of mosses. At the end of the day, Casaletto and its hamlet Battaglia will welcome you to one of the most silent stops on the entire route.