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Stage 12 : San Giovanni a Piro / Palinuro

Twelfth stop on the Silent Way; today you will reach two of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the entire Tyrrhenian coast: Marina di Camerota, awarded by Legambiente in 2013 and 2014 for the most beautiful beach in Italy, and Palinuro, with its splendid caves, natural arch and long beaches of fine sand. In the summertime and particularly in August, this stretch of Silent Street comes alive thanks to the many clubs that draw young people from all over Italy. In Marina di Camerota, straddling the months of May and June and for three consecutive days, the music festival “the Meeting of the Sea” takes place: from 1997 to the present day, nationally and internationally renowned artists have taken turns on its stages. But the real attraction of these places is nature: Baia degli Infreschi is just one of the beautiful little beaches on this part of the Tyrrhenian coast. Reachable by sea or by trekking through the fragrant Mediterranean scrub, the bay appears as an arched inlet bordered by rocky cliffs, lapped by a crystal-clear sea with iridescent hues. On these cliffs grows the Primula Palinuri, a protected species, endemism and symbol of the Cilento National Park. From Marina di Camerota we continue toward Palinuro, squeezed between the sea on the left and high, dark cliffs on the right. In front of you is the majestic profile of Cape Palinuro, stretching out into the sea like an immense ship of rock. At the top of the promontory is the modern lighthouse, a key reference for boats plying these waters. If you were traveling in the late afternoon, you would be accompanied by its bright beam, a silent and evocative presence that guides you as you approach the town of Palinuro. Established as a small fishing port in a basin at the foot of the Cape, the town is now a popular destination for tourists, attracted by the beautiful sandy shores nestled between the Cape’s high cliffs.

San Giovanni a Piro, SS562, Lentiscosa, Marina di Camerota, SP66, Camerota, Licusati, Mingardo Gorge, SS562, Palinuro